TPJ Craigs Brisket and Chicken bbq rub

Texas Pepper Jelly Craigs Brisket and Chicken BBQ Rub Set

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This is your chance to get a great BBQ starter kit with a combo of both the Brisket and the Chicken Rub!

Brisket: Can you say AMAZING?  After the course of many years and lots of competition BBQ cookoffs, Craig’s Brisket Seasoning is ready for your meat.  It is award-winning and can take any brisket to a higher flavor level.  The spice formula was years in the making and it proved to be a winning brisket formula.  We call it brisket seasoning, however, don’t sell it short.  It also works well with any of your favorite beef cuts.  Buy some today to blow your taste buds away

Ingredients: salt, spices, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, dehydrated garlic & onion

Chicken: We have a winner and we want to share it with the world.  Craig’s Chicken Seasoning is on the market and available for your next grilling experience.  While this seasoning was born through years of testing for the perfect seasoning for chicken on the BBQ competition circuit, it isn’t meant to be used just on chicken, or even alone.  Have a turkey you want to season up better than before?  This is what you need.  Have dove you got during hunting season?  This is your spice.  Add it to Craig’s BBQ Sauce and you have a winning combination.  Go ahead get some to use on your chicken, but don’t limit this wonderful blend.  Try it for yourself..

Ingredients:  salt, spices, white & brown sugar, dehydrated garlic & onion.

Both are full size 12oz shakers